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Cash Pricing

You Have a Choice

You have a choice of where your test is performed. Providing high quality care at a fair price is important to RCI. If your healthcare provider orders a CT Scan, MRI, Ultrasound, or X-ray, choosing RCI Imaging Center may save you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars.

We accept most insurance plans. In addition, we also offer special cash pricing for those without insurance coverage.

If You Have Insurance:

If you have health insurance, your exams will usually be covered as we accept most medical insurance plans. There may be an amount due from you (generally stated as “patient responsibility”). This amount will vary depending on your specific insurance plan. Your patient responsibility may include a deductible, co-pay or co-insurance, which may be significantly lower at RCI.

Please be aware, RCI offers cash pricing on ALL services for our patients, in place of billing insurance. Patients may choose cash pricing if they have a high deductible or if they are having a procedure that they know their insurance will not cover.

It is to your financial advantage to learn what testing will cost you before you schedule a medical imaging appointment:
1.    RCI provides one bill, there is no separate charge for a radiologist’s fee to read the examination.
2.    Cash prices or co-pays may be significantly lower at RCI.

If you are unsure of whether RCI accepts and/or participates with your insurance, please contact us at 319-832-1735.

Do You Have a High Deductible Insurance Plan or No Insurance?

For those with high deductibles or no insurance, we are confident you’ll find RCI Imaging Center is significantly more affordable.

Many insurance products have very high deductibles that are rarely if ever met in a calendar year. Often the insurance never “kicks in” because your deductible is so high. While the benefit of these plans is a lower monthly premium, there may be a very high out of pocket expense (the ‘deductible’) until insurance begins to pay for medical services.

Cash Pricing

If you do not have health insurance or you choose to opt out of billing your health insurance to pay for services rendered by RCI, you must pay for your imaging study in full at the time of service. If you opt out of using your health insurance, we will not file a claim to your health insurance at the time of service or any time thereafter. Your insurance will not be billed and claim forms will not be provided. Prices are subject to change at any time.


Description CPT Code Price
MRI Head with/without Contrast 70553 1,560.00
MRI Lower Extremity Joint without Contrast 73721 880.00
MRI Lumbar without Contrast 72148 940.00



Description CPT Code Price
CT Abdomen and Pelvis with Contrast 74177 750.00
CT Head without Contrast 70450 350.00
CT Pelvis with Contrast 72193 490.00


Mammography/Breast Ultrasound

Description CPT Code Price
3D Mamm Screening Bilateral 77067 + 77063 340.00
2D Mamm Screening 77067 250.00
3D Mamm Diagnostic Bilateral 77066 + G0279 408.00
3D Mamm Diagnostic Unilateral 77065 + G0279 348.00
Automated Breast Ultrasound (ABUS) 76641 275.00
US Breast Limited Unilateral 76642 180.00



Description CPT Code Price
US Abdomen Complete 76700 200.00
US Abdomen Limited 76705 150.00
US Pelvis Transvaginal 76830 190.00
US Pregnancy >14 Weeks Trans Abdominal 76805 250.00
P Duplex Venus Follow Up Limited 93971 210.00
US Thyroid/Neck 76536 200.00


General X-ray

Description CPT Code Price
Chest 2 Views 71046 70.00
DEXA Bone Density 77080 180.00
Hip Unilateral 2-3 Views 73502 80.00
Knee 3 Views 73562 75.00
Lumbosacral Spine 2-3 Views 72100 80.00
Shoulder Minimum 2 Views 73030 70.00

All of our fees include both the exam and the radiologist’s reading fee.
This is a list of our most common exams. If you are seeking an exam not listed, please call us at 319-832-1735.

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insurance questions:

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